Petrochem Insulation got it all – warehouse, office, and yard space.


Petrochem Insulation

image001After months of searching and several false starts we finally found a location where this international construction company, Petrochem Insulation, can grow its business. They needed office space, a large shop space and the most difficult to find, an outside storage area. Petrochem supplies scaffolding to construction sites all over the U.S. The products are used, and then moved to the next site. Often there is need to store them until they are needed. The site also needs to accommodate large trucks.

Denver’s Industrial market is so tight (2.8% vacancy) that it requires a long lead time, a flexible attitude on the part of the tenant, and a great deal of market research, networking, and persistence on the part of the broker. Despite new construction of huge buildings coming on line, there is little choice for a mid size tenant. Be sure to start your search early. Often the product is leased by the time it becomes known that it will go vacant. The tenant must be financially qualified and broker tenacity is essential. That describes Petrochem Insulation and Carol High Commercial Real Estate in the deal we constructed for them at 4650 Dahlia Street in Denver. Both Tenant and Landlord are happy.