Is This You?

Are you dreaming of what your business could be? The opportunities are there for you but —how can you grow when the labor market is tight and you already fill the space you have?

What type of employee do you need? Are you needing to recruit young, enthusiastic, skilled employees who are excited about a new or different work experiences or – do you need more stable and experienced workers who are, perhaps less expensive and demanding; moving on after a satisfying career but who want to continue to be employed to meet their economic needs or personal fulfilment?

Your need may not be an either/or. How does your work environment appeal to these and all of the other types of people that you may need to employ?  I can help you define that and find the right space.

These may be more important questions to consider as you look forward to your next work space than the rate per square foot.

The availability of space is constantly changing. Many “hot” companies have moved into new buildings in exciting areas such as RiNo, leaving behind very good space in buildings that were built in the 80’s.  This space is less expensive than in new buildings.  Often there is sublease space that is well below the market rate.

It’s difficult to plan for growth or change when the choices are not obvious. Carol High Commercial Real Estate, has more than three decades of experience in helping companies chart a direction and negotiate for space. Databases are up to date, connections in the office and industrial real estate market are strong and diverse. Space planning consultants with fresh ideas are.  Negotiating skills are sharp. Going through the process of finding, planning and negotiating for space is not wisely done alone. Using an expert saves time and money and – that expert is typically paid by the lessor or seller. Consultation is invited and free.

We can help!

Tell us a little bit about your needs: type of business, approximate size, general location, occupancy date.