How does Carol High Commercial Real Estate Get the Best Results?


We Strive to See Things Through Your Eyes


  • 1. Define your needs: Image, Budget, Location, Size, Timing
  • 2. Determine Location: near clients, employees, transportation
  • 3. Develop a program: State your layout requirements, your wish list
  • 4. Carol High will Conduct a Data Base Search
  • 5. Tour Best the Properties Together
  • 6. Space plan: Plan 1 or 2 spaces or find the best “as is” space
  • 7. Solicit Proposals from at least 2 Buildings
  • 8. Negotiate: You have Choices & We have Negotiating Power
  • 9. Review; Negotiate & Sign Lease – OCCUPY


THESE STEPS CAN TAKE 2 TO 18 MONTHS. Allow ample time!


We will help you source Service Providers:

  • Space Planners are typically provided by building owners.We have a list of excellent interior architects if you would like one dedicated to your company
  • Communication specialists, installation experts and hardware providers.Meeting these requirements is always the tenant’s or buyer’s responsibility.
  • Real Estate Attorneys. Leases and purchase agreements should always be reviewed by your attorney.We will provide names of real estate experts. Colorado law prohibits brokers from giving legal advice.
  • Project Managers
  • Moving companies. We can recommend several who have served our clients well.
  • Furniture vendors
  • Contractors and engineers are usually provided by Landlords.Buyers will need to provide their own.
  • Appraisers
  • Inspectors